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Texas Mold Inspections by Texas Licensed Mold Consultant with No Conflict of Interest

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Written by Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, President

November 5, 2018

Many Texas Mold Assessment Consultants also do mold remediation. The Texas regulations on Licensed Mold Consultants do not prevent mold inspections and mold remediation being performed by the same organization.

Clearly this is a conflict of interest. Mold Remediation is far more lucrative than mold inspections in most cases. It is clear that most such organizations only perform mold inspections to have an “inside track” on performing the more lucrative mold remediation. Performing mold assessments requires special science skills available from industrial hygienists, microbiologists, toxicologists or epidemiologists and it is unlikely mold remediators have the professional education and experience to properly perform a mold assessment.

There are few instances where a mold remediation contractor has the knowledge or experience to perform a quality professional investigation of an indoor air quality problem likely due to mold. hospital-laboratory5-300x205

Atlantic Environmental, Inc. is an environmental air quality testing and consulting company with no affiliation with any contractors. Further, we have 40 years of experience in indoor air quality and mold/microbiological investigations. In addition, where we have identified a mold or other IAQ problem, we can recommend alternative solutions to eliminating or remediating the problem. We can write specifications for mold remediation, monitor such projects, perform clearance inspections/sampling and act as expert witness in legal matters/litigation.

Again, the State of Texas requires any individual performing investigations where mold may be involved must have a Texas Licence as a Mold Consultant or Mold Inspector.

Contact us if you feel you have an indoor air quality/mold problem and wish to avoid a conflict of interest between a mold investigator and a mold re-mediator. Our Texas Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant has over 40 years of experience in such health related issues and we have no affiliation with mold remediation contractors.

Our primary service areas for Indoor Air Quality Sampling/Testing are: NJ, NY, NYC, PA, CT, DE, (Boston) MA, RI, Wash DC, WI, MD, MI, (Chicago) IL, VA, IN, (Atlanta) GA, AL, NC, SC, TN, (Dallas, Ft Worth) TX, OK, DC, AR, we can service most other areas of the U.S. but with some added travel charges.

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