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Types of Safety Inspections

Complete Guide to The Types of Safety Inspections. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted over 24,000 inspections last year. The figure is understandably lower than before 2020 due to the pandemic. However, the reason for these inspections remained the same. It’s one of OSHA’s main intervention strategies. The goal is to lower incidents of illness, … Continue reading

Does Sustainability Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint of Product Stewardship Program The United States is second on the top 10 list of CO2-emitting countries in the world. This isn’t surprising as it is one of the top three most populous countries. When ranked by CO2 emissions per capita, they’re number 13. Do you wonder if sustainability reduces carbon footprint? However, the country … Continue reading

Testing Wells at Hazardous Waste Sites

How Does Testing Wells Work for Hazardous Materials? Did you know that the Hazardous Waste Treatment market is projected to value $49.4 billion by 2028? Do you know the importance of testing wells at hazardous waste sites? Hazardous waste isn’t always disposed of properly, which results in contaminated well water. Testing wells for organics, PCBs, and … Continue reading

Fall Protection Workplace Requirements & Training

Fall Protection Workplace Requirements & Training: OSHA Falling on the job is America’s most common job site safety issue. Falls, slips, and trips comprise nearly 85% of nonfatal workplace injuries yearly. It should be no surprise that OSHA fall protection requirements and training are at the forefront of safety inspectors’, employers’, and accident lawyers’ minds. … Continue reading

OSHA Compliant Corporate Safety Programs

OSHA Compliant Corporate Safety Programs The number one way to keep your workers safe on the job is to train them properly. After all, how are your workers supposed to know what they should do to protect themselves if you’ve never given them proper training? Furthermore, An OSHA safety program will train workers in several … Continue reading

Air Changes Per Hour: Complete ACH Guide

Globally, air pollution is responsible for almost seven million deaths every year. It’s the third most common health risk factor after high blood pressure and smoking. Indoor air pollution causes over two million of these deaths. Two major factors affect indoor air quality. They are pollutant sources and inadequate ventilation. This should be a cause for … Continue reading