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Safety Officers ToolBox Training

Safety Officers ToolBox Training: Atlantic Environmental Did you know that safety programs that utilized toolbox talks as part of their daily check-in meetings saw an increase in onsite communication and planning? Onsite safety is paramount to running a successful operation. Keeping your toolbox stocked with up-to-date knowledge and safety practices will knock down barriers between you and … Continue reading

Downwind Exposure to Air Pollution Effects, Assessment

Downwind Exposure to Air Pollution Assessment and Monitoring Every year exposure to outdoor air pollution causes almost 4.2 million deaths. Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of premature death in the developing world. This is one of the significant effects of long-term downwind exposure to air pollution. Unfortunately, the air 99% of the world’s … Continue reading

Child Care Center (CCC) Mold Inspection & Assessments

Child Care Center (CCC) Mold Inspection & Assessments: Atlantic Environmental   Did you know that mold can be virtually impossible to detect without the proper equipment? Mold is a silent danger that often goes unnoticed until it starts making people sick.  By the time you realize mold is growing, chances are it’s causing respiratory problems and … Continue reading

OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Inspections

What Are the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Inspection Requirements? Powered industrial trucks ranked seventh in the top ten most frequently violated OSHA standards in 2020. Forklift accidents result in over 80 fatalities every year. They’re also the reason for thousands of serious workplace injuries annually. OSHA estimates that 20 to 25 percent of these accidents are partly caused by … Continue reading

Indoor Environmental Health Assessments (IEHA) Certification

IEHA Certification: What is Safe Building Interior Certification? Poor air quality in the workplace is why over 40% of Americans take at least one day of sick leave. Dust, chemical odors, and poor circulation usually affect air quality in most offices. They can affect your employee’s ability to concentrate. It’s something that should concern any employer. It … Continue reading

Community Air Quality Monitoring Services

Community Air Quality Monitoring Services: Atlantic Environmental Did you know that bad air quality can cause shortness of breath, make the eyes and throat itchy, or even impact the cardiovascular system?  Poor community air health can impact everyone in the area, especially if pollutants are at unsafe levels. Luckily, testing is available to monitor air pollutants and … Continue reading