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We help manufacturers, suppliers, and recyclers address the burgeoning requirements of product stewardship.

Product Stewardship is the process of shifting the responsibility from the public, environment, and government to the manufacturer, suppliers, and user for the complete cradle-to-grave existence of a product. Actually, it’s even before “cradle” starting at “concept”.

Manufacturers and suppliers are now responsible for every aspect of each product they produce and sell, not just for its functional use but also for its impact on landfills and potential for recycling or reuse.
Many states have passed laws requiring full “concept to grave” responsibility to be able to sell a product in their state.

Atlantic Environmental Incorporated is uniquely qualified to be an integral part of the product stewardship program team. Our chemists, biologists, industrial hygienists, safety specialists, and regulatory experts can assist in addressing the impact of:

  • Raw materials
  • Processes
  • Waste
  • Intended use
  • Unintended use
  • Decomposition
  • Recycling
  • Disposal
  • Transport
  • Packaging
  • Regulatory implications
  • The carbon footprint of each stage

Now with OSHA inclusion into the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and the 16 section Safety Data Sheet (SDS), U.S. companies must consider the “after useful life” consequences of their products—both material and chemical.

Such after useful life activities as misuse, recycling, disposal, and decomposition must be addressed.

Many states now require producer responsibility for recycling or disposal of any item before it can be sold or used. Producers must be responsible for collection programs, including ultimate recycling, disposal system, or fund state programs for such activities. Already, some states require such product stewardship programs for paints, batteries, televisions, fluorescent lights, carpet, and even automobiles.

When it comes to chemicals, the European Union has adopted REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical Substances. REACH is steadily being accepted worldwide as a means to protect human health and the environment by addressing the total impact of a chemical substance before it creates a health hazard or pollutes the environment.

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