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For Indoor air quality hazards such as mold, fungus, mildew, VOC’s, asbestos, lead, bacteria, fire residue, toxic chemicals, allergens, and odors, call on Atlantic Environmental Incorporated. We are professional testing/sampling consultants.

We are experts in assessing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Sick Building Syndrome, Building-Related Diseases, and Indoor Air Pollution in commercial buildings, public buildings, government offices, industrial facilities, warehouses, small offices, hotels/motels, casinos, and multifamily buildings. This includes ventilation studies using tracer gas such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Few OSHA regulations exist for IAQ Problems.

We have developed guidelines based on research, NIOSH, ACGIH, WHO, and other resources that establish criteria for good indoor air quality. Our Indoor Air Quality surveys include testing and sampling for Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building-Related Illness for mold, bacteria, mycotoxins, endotoxins, toxic substances, chemicals, asbestos, fire residue, odors, and other toxic agents.

Our IAQ site inspections include the HVAC systems, as well as occupied spaces.

Our reports include specific recommendations of corrective measures where IAQ problems are identified.

SPECIAL SERVICE: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Prevention and Maintenance Program for Commercial Buildings. Our indoor air quality specialists can also provide an expert witness, litigation support, and insurance claims assistance for issues such as mold bacteria, chemicals, Legionnaire’s disease (Legionella pneumophila), flood claims, fire cleanup & fire residue, sewer backups, chemical spills, and cancer clusters.

Vapor Intrusion testing, although generally considered an environmental issue, is within our capabilities.

For indoor air quality (IAQ) hazards that need to be addressed contact Atlantic Environmental. Through years of education and experience, we have become experts in the field of indoor air quality. Our testing/sampling consultants are the best in the industry. Contact us today using our contact form or call us at 973-366-4660 to discuss your unique needs and obtain a complimentary, no obligation quotation for indoor air quality (IAQ) testing and sampling tailored to for your companies requirements.