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Professionals and Principals $165 to $500 per hour
CIH, CSP or PE, CHMM & Licensed Inspectors $95 to $225 per hour
Technical Specialists $95 to $175 per hour
Routine Field and Technical Services
Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene Surveys & Monitoring, Hazardous Waste, Safety  $75 to $145 per hour
Respirator Fit Testing
Quantitative $60 to $75 per test
Qualitative $45 to $65 per test
Certificates $8 per test
Equipment Charges
Direct Reading (Non-Specific) $75 to $150 per day
Specialty Equipment $25 to $250 per day, per quote
Rental Equipment Cost plus 15% + Shipping
Laboratory Analysis Cost plus 15%
Training $500 per half day or less + prep and supplies
$1000 per day or a per-student fee

We offer substantial discounts on pricing for long term or large projects and will submit competitive bids upon request.

Please note these prices are only a reference and are subject to change.

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