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Temporary Staffing for a Specific Project

If you need the services of an industrial hygienist for temporary staffing or a specific project, as discussed in this information page, call us at 973-366-4660 or email us at info@atlenv.com for details.

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We have experienced field industrial hygienists available for temporary staffing for specific projects.  This includes science degreed personnel including Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with experience in performing personnel sampling in situations such as silica, isocyanates, respirable dust, VOC’s, hexavalent chromium, pharmaceuticals, and R&D chemicals.

We have personnel who are also experienced in special situations such as Permit Required Confined Space, Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, Respiratory Fit Testing, Respirator Training, Mold, Bacteria Legionella.  Other individuals have industrial hygiene and safety experience combined which is especially important on construction projects.

Industrial Hygienists may be available on a continuous basis (minimum one week) or on a regular basis such as once a month or even for indefinite periods of time.

We also have individuals with Lead and Asbestos experience for project monitoring during remediation, building survey for asbestos identification and quantification.  This includes daily project monitoring and Post Remediation Clearance Testing.

Finally, we have individuals who can assist in the purchase of needed field sampling/testing equipment for organizations in need of additional full-time staff that is fully equipped to perform their own field monitoring, develop site-specific health and safety plans, and train other field personnel in proper monitoring and sampling techniques.

We can supply these temporary staff industrial hygienists with equipment and training to perform unique services in emergency situations such as spills, railroad accidents, fire and explosion, and expert witness where situations involve litigation.

Please take some time to review our history, experience, and capabilities offered on this website and contact us with any questions you may have.  We will always provide written quotations for free.


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