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Many companies provide mold testing/sampling  – what sets us apart is our ability to interpret the results clearly and accurately access the risk to occupants, develop remediation plans when required, oversee remediation work, conduct final inspections and testing/sampling, and act as expert witness in the event of litigation. Our clients are commercial and industrial building owners, insurance companies, and attorneys. Our clients use the information we provide to determine the cost and plan for remediation and to resolve mold and flood claims.  Our staff includes individuals with Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Degrees with decades of experience in dealing with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems.

buildingMold is the single greatest problem affecting the quality of indoor air. Sick Building Syndrome and Building-Related Illness are often due to mold. Water intrusion, coupled with an elevated temperature and a food source create the environment for molds to propagate rapidly. Floods, sewer back-ups, or the presence of bird droppings, domestic, or wild animal wastes increase the likelihood that bacterias are involved.

We are familiar with the human health effects of molds, such as Stachybotrys, Actinomycetes, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and many more. Our mold testing/sampling and mold inspection services reflect that understanding: our reports offer an analysis of the findings in terms of how they may affect human health and what actions can be implemented to eliminate further exposure.  Often, the most difficult activity is interpreting whether mold testing indicates a problem or not.  If a problem exists, we can recommend corrective actions and preventive measures and develop Remediation Plans.

Full Range of Capabilities in Mold Testing/Sampling

Black mold buildup in the corner of an old house

We perform detailed mold inspections of buildings, both occupied and unoccupied, and HVAC systems. We search for evidence of mold or bacteria that may adversely affect building occupants, including office and industrial workers. We conduct air quality testing/sampling and air sampling/testing for mold and bacteria, including mycotoxins and endotoxins.  Our mold inspections are thorough and include the building’s air handlers, air intakes, exhausts, filters, ductwork, building drainage, sump systems, window wells, wall interiors, false floors, crawl spaces, attics, and rooftops. We can identify the quantities and types of mold and bacteria.

Our objective is to identify the problem and determine the most economical, efficient, and effective actions needed to correct the situation.

Flood, water damage, and Mold Claims Services are available to insurance carriers, brokers, and property owners – including occupancy inspections and remediation cost estimates. In states such as Texas that require Certified Mold Consultants, we have certified staff.

We have substantial experience providing mold testing/sampling and inspection, air sampling, and associated services in major metropolitan areas, such as New York City (NYC), Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, and Dallas, TX, including high-rise buildings and offices.

Our services include:

Laboratory microbiology bacteria agar tube in incubator quality control process
  • Mold sampling/testing of surfaces
  • Mold sampling/testing of indoor air
  • Bacteria testing/sampling of surfaces and indoor air
  • Site inspections
  • Remediation plans
  • Sewer back-ups where sewage contamination is suspected
  • Support for mold claims
  • Support for flood claims
  • Litigation support and expert witness

Our Mold Testing/Sampling Process

Phase 1 – Initial Investigation – usually one day or less

  • We perform a thorough inspection for visible mold, water infusion, or hidden problems in walls, ceiling or ductwork.
  • We test the air and surfaces for mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, temperature, and relative humidity.
  • We send samples to be analyzed by nationally accredited microbiological laboratories using such methods as incubation, culturing, microscopic examination, GC/MS, and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).
  • We interpret the results and recommend actions for clean-up, such as:
    • Cleaning
    • Fungicide or biocide
    • Control measures for water infusion or condensation
    • Eliminate incubation conditions
    • Removal of contaminated materials
    • Air filtration

Phase 2 – In-Depth Investigation

We perform an in-depth mold investigation if Phase 1 does not precisely identify the problem or if a more extensive situation is identified. Phase 2 involves thorough HVAC system mold inspection, speciation of mold or bacteria types, investigation of other areas or property, mycotoxins, endotoxins, and other non-microbiological factors that may be affecting occupant health.

Phase 3 – Mold Remediation

Remediation involves removal of water damaged surfaces, clean-up of mold-infested materials, control of mold re-growth, elimination of water infusion or condensation, and cleaning of ductwork or ceiling plenums.

We can develop specifications for mold remediation, supervise mold contractors that you choose, and perform post-mold remediation inspections and sampling.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness

Our experts have experience in expert reports, depositions, and trial appearances in mold and water damage claims. We can perform site visits, sampling, and data interpretation of existing reports. We can render opinions on the adequacy of remediation, illness causation, and sources of mold growth. Our expert services are available nationwide.

Our Equipment

LCD Dust meter display showing current pollution
  • Microbial samplers
  • Moisture monitors
  • IAQ meters for CO, CO2, Temperature, and Relative Humidity
  • Dust meters
  • Spore traps
  • Particle analyzers
  • Bulk material incubation and analysis for mold and/or bacteria
  • Air Sampling/Testing for biological VOCs
  • Analysis for mold mycotoxins
  • Analysis of bacterial endotoxins
  • Analysis for microbial VOCs

Special Mold Testing/Sampling Resources

Texas requires all mold investigations to be done by a Texas Certified Mold Consultant. We have a Texas Certified Mold Consultant in our Dallas, TX office.

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