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Air Changes Per Hour: Complete ACH Guide

Globally, air pollution is responsible for almost seven million deaths every year. It’s the third most common health risk factor after high blood pressure and smoking. Indoor air pollution causes over two million of these deaths. Two major factors affect indoor air quality. They are pollutant sources and inadequate ventilation. This should be a cause for … Continue reading

VOC Testing, Sampling, Analysis

How do you test for VOCs? What does VOC testing mean? Volatile Organic Compounds, sampling method, test report and more. Last year, the US emitted almost 12 million tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Although this was a 50% reduction from the previous year, it’s still quite significant. VOCs emitted into the atmosphere can adversely affect indoor air quality. Inhaling … Continue reading

Hospital Ventilation Management Plans

Hospital Ventilation Management Plans: Atlantic Environmental Never has ventilation in commercial buildings become a more important topic than in the last two years. It even resulted in the World Health Organization (WHO) creating a roadmap to help improve indoor ventilation. This should be a key focus in all buildings, but it’s essential in hospitals. Hospital … Continue reading

5 Major Indoor Air Pollutants, Causes and Effects

What Are the Five Indoor Air Pollutants? Causes, Effects, and More   Indoor air pollutants are usually two to five times higher than the levels in outdoor air. Despite new work-from-home options, this should be of concern. The average employee still spends at least 32 hours weekly at the office. Safeguarding your employees starts with learning more … Continue reading

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment for Educational Facilities

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment for Educational Facilities Most school-age children in the US spend 1,000 hours a year in school. That’s an average of six hours every day. This number can vary depending on the child’s age. Older kids spend even more time in school, while younger kids may spend less. School administrators are responsible for their safety during … Continue reading

How The Environment Affects Productivity at Work

How the Environment Affects Productivity People don’t realize the impact environments can have on their ability to focus and concentrate. Several environmental factors can affect both mental and physical health. Even your work environment can increase or decrease your productivity. Here are a few ways the environment can affect you and your productivity levels.   … Continue reading