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10 Workplace Toxic Indoor Air Pollutants and Their Sources

10 Workplace Toxic Indoor Air Pollutants and Their Sources Today, many individuals spend a significant portion of their lives indoors, particularly in workplace environments. While the importance of a safe and comfortable indoor environment cannot be overstated, it’s alarming how often indoor air quality (IAQ) is overlooked. Are you aware of the toxic indoor air … Continue reading

How Can Businesses Reduce Pollution?

How Can a Business Reduce Pollution? Few people realize that every business contributes to air pollution and that at least 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial-based companies. Given that every business contributes to pollution somehow, how can businesses reduce pollution? You can start by changing the way business operations are run. There … Continue reading

Workplace Ventilation Requirements

Workplace Ventilation Requirements: The Basics Explained Addressing your building’s workplace ventilation will help you manage your heating and cooling. Learning how to manage your indoor air will help you create a safe work environment. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professionals make up more than $136 billion industry. This means it’s easier to address your workplace … Continue reading

The Effects of Poor Ventilation in the Workplace

Poor Ventilation Effects in the Workplace Poor air quality is one of a few factors that would lead over 75% of North Americans to leave their jobs. Others include a lack of work/life balance, cleanliness, and mental healthcare. Do you know about the effects of poor ventilation in the workplace? Workplace air quality is a … Continue reading

How Do VOCs Affect Air Quality?

Everyone knows poor air quality can negatively affect your health. But did you know it can have the same negative effect on your business too? One major metropolitan area reported that poor air quality caused more than half a million sick days in one year. Business owners and landlords should take a serious hard look at how they … Continue reading

Air Changes Per Hour: Complete ACH Guide

Globally, air pollution is responsible for almost seven million deaths every year. It’s the third most common health risk factor after high blood pressure and smoking. Indoor air pollution causes over two million of these deaths. Two major factors affect indoor air quality. They are pollutant sources and inadequate ventilation. This should be a cause for … Continue reading