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Mold Expert Witness/Litigation Support

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Written By: Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, President
February 20, 2020

Mold Expert Witness/Litigation Support

Our expertise includes insurance flood claims, water damage, mold lawsuits, chronic illness where mold, bacteria or chemicals may be involved. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants as expert witnesses, in litigation support including site inspections, mold testing, field inspection, depositions, trial appearances, expert reports and research.

Mold infestations in occupied or vacant residences, commercial buildings, multiple-family dwellings, manufacturing, and public buildings can have adverse effects on employees, tenants, and visitors. Our experts are available to attorneys, insurance claims, insurance underwriters, building tenants, employers, labor unions and building owners.

We can respond rapidly to flooding events, water intrusion, building-related illness, visible mold growth or musty odors from known or unknown sources.

Our expert staff includes Mold Consultants, Ph.D’s, Certified Industrial Hygienists and Engineers with the support of accredited analytical and microbiological laboratories. We can respond rapidly to flooding events, water intrusion, building-related illness, visible mold growth or musty odors from known or unknown sources.

Beyond mold and bacteria, we have the expertise to test and identify other possible problems such as chemical exposure, radiation, noise, and offer expert witnesses and research studies on sick building syndrome and building-related illness.

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Our expertise includes regulatory interpretation, exposure potential, toxicology, epidemiology, the relation between exposure and illness, chemistry, and we have an environmental test chamber where we can recreate past conditions and determine actual exposure potential. To discuss specific needs, contact our office at info@atlenv.com or 973-366-4660.

Our Available Environmental Expert Witnesses


David McNamara IH, CSP, Texas Certified Mold Consultant
Mr. McNamara is a Texas Certified Mold Consultant, Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional with over 30 years of professional experience. He is the former Director of Safety and Health for Raytheon Corporation. He is also the former Corporate Manager of Safety and Health for Hughes Electronics and Hughes Aircraft Company. Further, he was a Vice President of Ctek, the Laboratory Division of Continental Insurance Company and also a former Industrial Hygienist Chemist for General Electric.

As a Texas Certified Mold Consultant, he has acted as an expert in commercial and residential mold and water damage related claims including services as/a follow-up to Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

He has been a Certified Industrial Hygienist in good standing since 1973 and a Certified Safety Professional in good standing since 1976.

Mr. Mc Namara has a B.S. in Chemistry from Baldwin Wallace and an MBA in Health Services Administration from the University of Dallas.

He has provided expert services in mold, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, laboratory accreditation, beryllium, silica, hazardous waste, and air permits. 

Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, President
A graduate of the University of Iowa with a Master of Science Degree in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, he also served as a U.S. Army Officer and is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (1074, and Certified Safety Professional (1978). Before he founded Atlantic Environmental, Inc. in 1978, Mr. Sheriff was Corporate Manager of Safety Health and Environment for Sun Chemical Corporation. Prior to this, he held positions in the Loss Control Department of Continental Insurance and technical positions with Libby Foods and the Iowa Water Pollution Control Commission.

Having serviced as President of the 12,000 member American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) in 1991/92, he is a widely known and respected environmental professional.

Mr. Sheriff’s experience includes acting as a qualified expert in federal, state, and worker’s compensation jurisdictions. These activities have included depositions and testimony related to safety, industrial hygiene, asbestos, and EPA and OSHA regulatory requirements. His expertise includes recreating past exposure and pollution situations and drawing expert conclusions from the information available.

Henry P. Shotwell, Ph.D., CIH, Senior Vice President
Ph.D. – Environmental Chemistry
MS – Biomedical Sciences
BS – Biology & Chemistry
Former Director, IH, and Safety – Environmental Waste Mgmt. Associates
Former Industrial Hygienist and Safety Controller – Shotwell Associates
Former Mgr. Health & Environmental Safety – Sun Chemical Corp.
Former Corp. Industrial Hygiene Safety Specialist – American Cyanamid Co.
Adjunct Professor
Farleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey

Dr. Shotwell has more than 37 years’ experience in industrial hygiene, toxicology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, and safety engineering. He has extensive clinical research experience gained at Yale Arbovirus Research Unit (a combined effort of Yale University School of Medicine, World Health Organization and the Rockefeller Institute). Dr. Shotwell gained broad industrial experience in biological monitoring, industrial hygiene, chemistry, noise, radiation monitoring, indoor air quality, and systems safety engineering with Olin Corporation, American Cyanamid Company, and Sun Chemical Corporation. Dr. Shotwell has provided litigation support in mold and indoor air quality cases and has evaluated exposures to volatile organic chemicals through mathematical modeling. His experience with industrial chemicals includes solvents, pesticides, dyes, plastics, and various organics and inorganics.

Dr. Shotwell teaches a course in toxicology for the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Institute of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. He has services twice as the Chair of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Biological Monitoring committee and three times as Chair of the Ionizing Radiation Committee.

Henry P. Shotwell, Ph.D., CIH is a recognized expert in indoor air quality, mod and mold remediation, industrial hygiene, noise and noise control, and ionizing/non-ionizing radiation. He has conducted field surveys, trained practitioners, developed expert opinions, given deposition and has appeared in court as an expert witness.

Allen M. Chung, Ch.E, CIH
Senior Environmental Consultant

BS – Chemical Engineering
Formally U.S. Army CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Specialist
Branch Specialist in Indoor Air Quality, Mold, and Industrial Hygiene
Field Specialist special knowledge in local exhaust ventilation and chemical exposure
Also, qualified as a 40-hour HAZWOPER Site Supervisor.

Frederick M. Toca, Ph.D., CIH, CSP, Senior Expert Witness
Dr. Toca is one of the most recognized individuals in Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Management in the United States. Dr. Toca has more than 20 years of experience directing and managing programs and acting as the principal technical specialist in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Toca is the former Director of Occupational Safety & Health for Hoechst Celanese, the former Manager of Environmental Protection for General Electric Co., Plastics Division. Dr. Toca has also held director-level positions in Tenneco Chemicals and Gulf Oil. He has also serviced as a staff member of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.

Fred Toca is a past President of the 12,000 member American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). He is the co-author of the 1996 book titled, “Management of People and Programs in Industrial Hygiene.” He is the past chair of the Chemical Manufacturing Association’s committee on Environment, Health, Safety, and Operations Oversight Committee. Dr. Toca has authorized a variety of research and experienced and accomplished public speaker and lecturer.

He is available as an expert in a wide variety of health, safety and environmental subjects including chemical exposure, toxicology, regulatory interpretation, expert testimony on pending or proposed legislation, and standards of good and responsible practice.

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