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Air and Surface Sampling for COVID-19 and Respirator Fit Testing

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Written By:  Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, President
June 8, 2020

Air and Surface Sampling for COVID-19 and Respirator Fit Testing

As organizations develop plans to get back to work—OR—keep working with less concern for infection, many organizations—possibly yours—are going through a process of DECONTAMINATING YOUR FACILITIES.

Atlantic Environmental, Inc. now has the capability of performing AIR AND SURFACE TESTING TO CONFIRM THAT THE DECONTAMINATION WAS SUCCESSFUL.

We can conduct a sampling survey of your facility and conduct tests needed to ensure that you have a place free of COVID-19.

Specific air and surface samples are now available for the genetic material of COVID-19.


PLEASE NOTE:  OSHA now allows qualitative fit testing for respirators such as N-95’s used for COVID-19 protection.

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