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OSHA Identifies Top 10 OSHA Citations For 2016 (To Date)

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Written by Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, President

January 3, 2017



CITATION                                                                 STANDARD

  1. FALL PROTECTION                                                          29CFR1926.501
  2. HAZARD COMMUNICATION                                            29CFR1910.1200
  3. SCAFFOLDING                                                                 29CFR1926.451
  4. RESPIRATORY PROTECTION                                            29CFR1910.134
  5. LOCK-OUT/TAG-OUT                                                     29CFR1910.147
  6. POWERED INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS                                       29CFR1910.178
  7. LADDERS                                                                         29CFR1926.153
  8. MACHINE GUARDING                                                      29CFR1910.212
  9. ELECTRICAL WIRING                                                       29CFR1910.305
  10. ELECTRICAL, GEN. REQ.                                                  29CFR1910.303


This can provide an excellent priority list for health and safety audits and site inspections of your facilities for your 2017 NEW YEAR’S SAFETY RESOLUTIONS.

The majority of Construction citations related to falls (Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Ladders).

In General Industry, the citations are more diverse but suggest an overall lack of effective worker safety and health programs. Solutions involve a more careful approach to formal safety programs and much more detailed facility audit by persons knowledgeable in industrial hygiene and safety.

Of course, the final-and most important step-is the authority to implement the audited deficiencies. Too often the person in charge of health and safety has taken on the task as a supplemental duty with the responsibility but not the knowledge needed to identify the problems and not the authority to see the deficiencies are corrected.

These are organizational New Year’s resolution for you in 2017!


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