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Field Safety Inspectors for Job Site Safety

Why You Should Hire Field Safety Inspectors for Job Site Safety

This article is going to discuss the role of field safety inspectors and their importance to maintain safety at construction and industrial sites.

In 2020, private companies reported 2.7 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses. During the same period, there were almost 5,000 fatal work injuries.

This marked a decrease in both areas compared to the previous year. But these numbers are still significant.

It continues to be the aim of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to reduce these numbers. Their role is to ensure compliance with employee health and safety standards. However, the agency is small, with roughly one compliance officer for every 70,000 workers.

By hiring field safety inspectors, you too can contribute to your workers’ safety. Read on to find out more about the role of inspectors when it comes to job site safety. You’ll also learn how they can save you money in the long run. 


The Role of Field Safety Inspectors

Field safety inspectors help to ensure your workplace is OSHA compliant. Compliance means that industry regulations and health and safety laws are being followed. This applies to an organization and its employees. It also applies to contractors or anyone else working on the company’s behalf.

One of their primary roles is identifying potential safety issues or hazards at any job site. This helps keep industrial and construction sites safe and ensures workplace health and safety. Some of their other duties include:


  • Inspection of job sites to ensure compliance
  • Reviewing current procedures and policies
  • Planning and implementing occupational health and safety programs and policies
  • Advising employers and employees on safety-related topics
  • Conducting educational webinars and seminars to train staff
  • Ensuring adherence to all rules and regulations


Field safety inspectors also look at other environmental factors. For example, things such as air quality can affect the health and wellness of employees as well.

They liaise with relevant regulatory bodies to keep updated with new laws and regulations. They may also draft reports to ensure you know your organization’s safety status.


The Benefits of Hiring Field Safety Inspectors

It should be the aim of every organization to keep its most important asset, its human resource, safe. Hiring a company with Certified Safety Professionals and Field Safety Inspectors can help you do this. Here are a few other benefits your organization can gain by hiring field safety inspectors at job sites:


A Reduction in Workplace Accidents and Costs

Part of compliance should include equipment inspection. This facilitates regular repairs and maintenance. It will help you to avoid the need for costly replacements. This can reduce accidents and injuries caused by faulty equipment.

It can also reduce equipment downtime. This can slow down their devaluation and deterioration, thereby increasing profitability. 


Identifying Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Regular inspections can identify even minor issues, which allows you to resolve them before they become significant problems. Serious accidents or equipment failure can cost a company millions. Regular inspections help to avoid these additional costs.


Greater Productivity 

Field inspection equipment and software can make inspections easier. They help identify problems faster, create fewer delays, and define business needs. In addition, this specialized equipment can boost productivity levels by decreasing downtime.


Hire More and Spend Less

Is it worth spending money to hire field safety inspectors? Absolutely! Their roles and responsibilities help to ensure workplace health and safety. This can keep your job sites safe and your equipment working well.

The result is fewer workplace accidents due to faulty equipment and non-compliance with rules and regulations. The benefits your organization can gain certainly outweigh the costs. But you need to hire well-trained and knowledgeable experts about OSHA compliance guidelines.

Atlantic Environmental Incorporated specializes in industrial and construction safety. Our staff can ensure that your job sites are safe and OSHA compliant. Contact Atlantic Environmental to learn more!



Field Safety Inspectors for Job Site Safety

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