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Indoor Environmental Health Assessments (IEHA) Certification

IEHA Certification: What is Safe Building Interior Certification? Poor air quality in the workplace is why over 40% of Americans take at least one day of sick leave. Dust, chemical odors, and poor circulation usually affect air quality in most offices. They can affect your employee’s ability to concentrate. It’s something that should concern any employer. It … Continue reading

Getting Back To Work—Safely!!

If you need COVID-19 Recovery assistance discussed in this article, call us at 973-366-4660 or e-mail us at info@atlenv.com for details and a free estimate. Written By:  Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP, June 2, 2020 We Can Help You Develop a Plan That is Safe and Effective to Re-Open Your Facility. Atlantic Environmental, Inc. has … Continue reading