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The Danger of Cadmium at Construction Sites

Cadmium Risks on Construction Sites A hidden peril exists in the vast array of construction materials: cadmium. Cadmium, a naturally occurring element within the Earth’s crust, often accompanies zinc ores. While it may not garner the same attention as lead or asbestos, cadmium poses significant health risks, particularly within the construction industry. Today, we explore … Continue reading

Business Environmental Regulatory Compliance Guide

Complete Guide to Business Environmental Regulatory Compliance Climate change is considered the biggest existential threat ever faced in human history. It affects every living person and every country. Therefore, efforts to mitigate catastrophe can’t be further delayed. In 2019, the Emissions Gap report found that to keep global temperatures from going up to more than 1.5 … Continue reading

7 Key Factors That Can Affect Company Valuation

What Factors Affect a Company Valuation?   Factors affecting company valuation include financial performance, growth potential, age, profitability, workplace safety and more. Company valuation is one of the most critical factors in investment analysis. It can be used to compare investments and make informed decisions. Many factors can affect a company’s valuation, including its financial … Continue reading

Does Sustainability Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint of Product Stewardship Program The United States is second on the top 10 list of CO2-emitting countries in the world. This isn’t surprising as it is one of the top three most populous countries. When ranked by CO2 emissions per capita, they’re number 13. Do you wonder if sustainability reduces carbon footprint? However, the country … Continue reading

Testing Wells at Hazardous Waste Sites

How Does Testing Wells Work for Hazardous Materials? Did you know that the Hazardous Waste Treatment market is projected to value $49.4 billion by 2028? Do you know the importance of testing wells at hazardous waste sites? Hazardous waste isn’t always disposed of properly, which results in contaminated well water. Testing wells for organics, PCBs, and … Continue reading

Guidance for Cradle to Grave Waste Management Compliance

Guidance for Cradle to Grave Waste Management Compliance   The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) states that hazardous waste must be controlled and properly disposed of from the moment it is generated until its final disposal. Is your waste management process compliant? If you aren’t sure, the answer is most likely no. Unfortunately, failure to meet … Continue reading