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Asbestos Risk Assessments

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals comprising heat-resistant fibers. Due to its excellent fire-resistant properties, it was widely used in construction materials and insulation properties across the globe. However, it is now known to be a severe health risk, causing lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. As a result, asbestos risk assessments have … Continue reading

School Asbestos Risk Assessment & Management

Schools Asbestos Risks and Proper Management In 1983, Iceland and several European Union (EU) countries banned asbestos. Since then, it’s been banned in over 50 countries. The US isn’t one of them, as school asbestos risks still prevail. It’s still present in buildings built before 1980, including schools. However, there are specific regulatory requirements that … Continue reading

Guide To Testing and Removing Asbestos Safely

Guide to Finding Asbestos, Testing and Removing Asbestos Safely Asbestos is a deadly substance that can cause countless health complications, making it a dreaded sight for any residential and commercial building owner. Therefore, it is vital to find it and have it sampled and tested. Removing asbestos safely is a critical follow-up if it is … Continue reading

Few Commercial Buildings Are Asbestos Free

Written By: Robert E. Sheriff, MS, CIH, CSP Updated: January 30, 2020; September 2021 The current strength of the commercial real estate market has brought out the fact that few buildings can really be classified as “Asbestos Free.” The only exception are most buildings constructed in the last 20 years. The reason as to why … Continue reading