Safety/Loss Control Articles and Facts

On-Site Safety Inspection Services – Construction Safety and Industrial Safety

Health and Safety Plans (HASP’s) for Complex Construction Projects
Construction Site Safety Inspections – Start?, Daily? Weekly?, Monthly?
Construction Site Safety Inspections – Is a Checklist Sufficient?
Most Frequent OSHA Citations for 2017
OSHA Identifies Top 10 OSHA Citations For 2016 (To Date)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
Air Sampling/Testing at Construction Sites
Construction Site Safety Inspections – What To Include at the Start of the Project?
Worker Safety and Health: OSHA Targets Poultry Processing Due To High Injury and Illness Rates
Are You Exempt from Keeping OSHA Accident and Injury Records?
Welding Fume Hazards
Construction Safety and the Top 10 OSHA Citations for 2017
Human Error Is Not the Real Cause of Accidents
New Chemical Hazards in the Workplace
Fatal Workplace Injuries – Workplace Fatality Hazards Poorly Assessed

Written Safety Programs and Safety Training

OSHA “Willful” and “Repeat” Citations Fines Increase Dramatically
Occupational (Workplace) Safety and Health Services 2018/2019
Complex Health and Safety Plans
Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (HASP)
OSHA Aligns its Hazard Communication Standard with Globally Harmonized System
OSHA “Willful” and “Repeat” Citations and Criminal Referrals Increase
The Real Way to Prevent Accidents
Safety Success in the Workplace, Only from the Top-Down
Recycling Facilities May Be Hazardous to Workers’ Health

Loss Control

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Using an Outside/Third Party
Loss Control/Risk Management Services for Insurance Carriers, Brokers and Claims Adjustors
Hurricanes and Floods – Staying Safe During Clean-Up and Thereafter