Professional Staff

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Robert E. Sheriff, CIH, CSP

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sheriff has acted as principal consultant of Atlantic Environmental since its founding in 1978. He performs all aspects of environmental control, indoor air quality, and industrial hygiene in a wide variety of occupational areas. He has special experience in such industries as organic chemicals, petroleum refining, ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, specialty chemicals, surface coatings, machining, and general manufacturing. Mr. Sheriff places an emphasis on solving problems through engineering methods. He has performed a wide range of safety and loss control activities from physical inspections to training, interpretation of OSHA Regulations and program developments of individual plants, company divisions, and entire corporations.

Mr. Sheriff serves as an expert witness in industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, asbestos, lead and toxic tort litigation. He has over 40 years of experience in asbestos inspections, asbestos abatement specifications, abatement, operations and maintenance, training, state and federal regulations, and personal injury including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Mr. Sheriff holds an MS in Preventative Medicine and Environmental Health and a BS in Zoology. He has written many articles on a diverse range of topics relating to EH&S. You can find him on Google+.

Robert Sheriff, President
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
AHERA Asbestos Project Design Planner
NY State Asbestos Project Designer
EPA Asbestos Project Designer

Henry P. Shotwell, PhD, CIH

Vice President

Dr. Shotwell has over 40 years of experience in the fields of indoor air quality, industrial hygiene and toxicology, noise/sound/vibration, industrial ventilation, occupational health, safety and environmental training, OSHA- and EPA-mandated program development and implementation.

He is experienced in developing and presenting employee training programs for respiratory protection, environmental risk assessments, air contaminant control ventilation, corporate safety programs, OSHA audits, surveys and inspections, sampling means and methods, and industrial hygiene and indoor air quality monitoring activities as well as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Dr. Shotwell’s experience also includes clinical chemistry, clinical microscopy, mycology, bacteriology and virology.

His extensive experience allows him to perform expert witness and litigation support in the fields of mold, lead exposure, silica, noise, Workers’ Compensation (noise and chemical exposure), Brownfields, health & safety management and process safety management.

Dr. Shotwell holds a certification in Diagnostic Enzymology from M.I.T., a certification in Epidemiology &Ventilation Engineering, a PhD in Systems Safety Engineering, an MS in Biomedical Sciences, and a BS in Biology.

Henry Shotwell, Vice President
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
Certified Radon Measurement Specialist (NJDEP)
Certified USEPA Hazardous Materials Incident Response
Certified in Safety Management by the Int’l Loss Control Institute

Frederick M. Toca, PhD, CIH, CSP

Senior Consultant

Dr. Toca has more than thirty years of experience in industrial hygiene, toxicology, and occupational safety. Prior to joining Atlantic Environmental, Dr. Toca was the Director of Occupational Health and Safety for Hoechst Celanese Corporation. He has also held positions with US Steel Corporation, General Electric, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. . Dr. Toca is a past president of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) from 1989-1990 and a former member of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH). He is involved in expert testimony and litigation support for asbestos litigation.

Dr. Toca holds a PhD in Preventive Medicine, an MS in Public Health, and a BS in Biology

Frederick Toca, Senior Consultant
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

Hamid Arabzadeh, CIH, CSP, CHMM, REA

Senior Consultant

Mr. Arabzadeh’s specialties include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), microbial and mold assessments and remediation protocol development, retrospective exposure assessment studies and past exposure re-creation studies, expert witness and litigation support, crisis management, crisis prevention pre-planning and training, risk assessment and risk communication in industrial and community settings, ventilation assessment, Industrial Hygiene, safety engineering, environmental protection, environmental impact, health and safety site plan development, management systems and compliance audits for EH&S programs. He also has extensive experience teaching industrial hygiene and EHS courses.

Mr. Arabzadeh holds an MS in Occupational Health and Safety and a BS in Industrial Technology Engineering (Manufacturing).

Hamid Arabzadeh, Senior Consultant
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
Certified Industrial Hygiene (CIH)
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)
AHERA Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Management Planner
Certified Emergency Response Incident Commander, Operations Chief, and Safety Officer

David McNamara, IH, CSP, CHMM

Senior Environmental Health and Safety Consultant

Mr. McNamara is a Texas Certified Mold Consultant with over 40 years of experience in the environmental, health and safety fields. He has experience in risk management, hazardous waste management, Workers’ Compensation, RCRA, CERCLA and TSCA. He specializes in the industrial hygiene and safety aspects of lead, beryllium and asbestos. For Atlantic Environmental, Mr. McNamara focuses on mold remediation cases, Phase I ESAs, program audits, training. He previously worked as Corporate Manager of Safety and Health for Raytheon and Hughes Electronics.
David McNamara, Senior Consultant
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Industrial Hygienist-Retired Certified Safety Professional
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
Certified Texas Mold Consultant


Allen M. Chung, B.S. Ch.E., CIH

Senior Consultant in Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality

Allen is a degreed Chemical Engineer and a Certified Industrial Hygienist. He served his country in the U.S. Army for 4 years in the Chemical Biological Radiologic and Nuclear (CBRN) Branch. Allen has been with Atlantic Environmental, Inc. since 2007 and applies his extensive experience in a variety of health, industrial hygiene, and environmental consulting activities. He has had special training in such areas as air contaminant local exhaust ventilation (industrial ventilation), indoor air quality including mold and asbestos, and the performance of Phase I Environmental Property Assessments. He has performed surveys of industrial and power plant air handling systems including interior ductwork inspections using camera technology.

He also has specialized experience in developing Health and Safety Plans (HASP) for construction projects and hazardous waste sites.

Allen also has extensive experience in asbestos surveys, asbestos air sampling and asbestos removal project monitoring. He is available for one day surveys and more extensive project oversight or site monitoring.

Allen Chung, Senior Consultant in Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality
Certifications & Licenses
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
EPA Asbestos Project Monitor
EPA Asbestos Air Sampling Technician
EPA Asbestos Inspector
New York State Asbestos Project Monitor and Inspector
40-Hour HAZWOPER Operations

Raymond M. Pirnat, Jr., AS, CMC, CSA

Director of Field Services

Mr. Pirnat has an A.S. Degree in Environmental Science with over 25 years of technical experience in Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene and Asbestos Management. He has been with Atlantic Environmental, Inc. since 2001 and has participated in every service provided by this company. His primary activity is to manage or perform testing in the more complex projects. He has over two decades of experience in asbestos services including building surveys and asbestos abatement projects that are complex and highly sensitive such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and high rise office complexes.

His experience includes industrial hygiene and safety surveys and audits including such specialized areas as permit required confined spaces, welding, and resin paint applications (isocyanates).

He has a thorough knowledge of HVAC system operations in large buildings and their effects on Indoor Air Quality, Building Related Disease and Sick Building Syndrome.

He also performs Phase I Environmental Property Assessments for property transfer and mortgage financing.

Raymond Pirnat Web

Raymond M. Pirnat, Jr., AS, CMC, CSA, Director of Field Services
Certifications & Licenses

Certified Safety Auditor
Certified Microbial Consultant
40-Hour HAZWOPER Operations Supervisor
EPA Certified Asbestos Inspector
EPA Certified Project Monitor
NYC Certified Asbestos Investigator
NYS Certified Asbestos Inspector
NYS Certified Asbestos Project Monitor
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health Inspector
EPA AHERA Inspector
Assessing and Remediation of Microbial Contamination

Philip Saul, M.S.

Environmental Consultant/Industrial Hygienist


Philip has a M.S. Degree in Environmental Science and Biology. He has been with Atlantic Environmental, Inc. since 2010. Prior to his employment at AEI, Philip gained experience as an Environmental Technician with several companies in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Philip has extensive experience in conducting Industrial Hygiene Surveys including welding operations, chemical manufacturing, printing, plastic manufacturing, food processing, and warehousing.

He has also performed a wide variety of Indoor Air Quality Surveys in healthcare/hospitals, offices, high rise buildings, nail salons, hair care, investigating problems such as molds, sewer gas, chemicals, copiers and printers, ozone, bacteria, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Philip is also licensed as an EPA and New York State Asbestos Inspector.

Phil Saul Web


Philip Saul, M.S. Environmental Consultant/Industrial Hygienist


Certifications & Licenses

NYS Asbestos Inspector

EPA Asbestos Inspector

Mold Health Effects Sampling and Data Interpretation

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene