Are you responsible for health and safety in your hospital or health care facility?

If one of your job duties is to manage the health and safety your facility’s employees, you may have needed several vendors to service and consult on many health and safety issues that are either required by regulations or come up unexpectedly.

Atlantic Environmental can be your single source of information, testing, monitoring, interpreting results and designing solutions for any of your facility’s environmental, health and safety needs. We monitor human exposure to environmental hazards found in every area of a hospital or health care facility.  

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We provide area and personnel monitoring to comply with OSHA, JCHAO, ISO, and state and federal regulations. We can also rapidly respond to toxic release episodes or chemical exposures such as Legionnaire’s disease and leaking anesthetic gases. Atlantic Environmental is currently the go-to consultant for several large health care facilities, for example Good Samaritan and Nyack Hospitals.

All jobs have risks of long term negative effects on health. The risk to healthcare employees is heightened by daily exposure to bacteria, chemicals and gases. Our duty as industrial hygienists and air quality specialists is to find and determine how to prevent these hazards from harming staff, patients and visitors.

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