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Community Air Quality Monitoring Services

Community Air Quality Monitoring Services: Atlantic Environmental

Did you know that bad air quality can cause shortness of breath, make the eyes and throat itchy, or even impact the cardiovascular system? 

Poor community air health can impact everyone in the area, especially if pollutants are at unsafe levels. Luckily, testing is available to monitor air pollutants and track quality air levels. 

Do you think this may be something that you need?

Keep reading to learn about air quality monitoring and what Atlantic Environmental can do to help you.

What Is the Purpose of Air Quality Monitoring?

The main reason an organization monitors air quality is to check pollutant levels. Monitoring the long-term, systematic pollutant and contaminant levels in the air helps us know what is impacting our air quality the most, allowing for necessary changes to be made.

An air quality monitor is used to measure the levels of common air pollutants. These devices can be used for both indoor and outdoor air testing.

Community air quality monitoring services can be used to check air pollution levels and empower communities to use data-backed information to keep themselves safe. People in these communities can also follow any positive change within their area related to pollution levels and influence local authorities to pay attention, which can be empowering in its own right. 

Why Is This Important?

Knowing how clean your air is will help you realize whether or not there is a concern for public safety. High air quality without dangerous levels of pollutants is critical.

The Air Quality Index, which we will discuss next, helps us know what health effects you may experience when you breathe in polluted air. This is crucial in ensuring the general public is aware of how much pollution is in the air before they leave their homes.

Some of the pollutants that are commonly tracked by the Air Quality Index include:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Sulfur dioxide 
  • Airborne particles (or aerosols) 
  • Nitrogen dioxide

Outdoor air (also called ambient air) pollution can impact the general population in the community. This is why air monitoring for quality in every community is crucial. Indoor air quality is just as essential to measure and test, especially for businesses. 

How Is Air Quality Measured?

The Air Quality Index (AQI), which the EPA developed, is the rubric by which air quality is measured. It ranges from 0 to 500 and lets you check and track the changes in air pollution levels.

The levels of health concern on the AQI include:

  • Good (0 to 50)
  • Moderate (51 to 100)
  • Unhealthy for sensitive groups (101 to 150)
  • Unhealthy (151 to 200)
  • Very unhealthy (201 to 300)
  • Hazardous (301 to 500)

If you live in a major city, your community’s air may be slightly more “dirty” than the countryside. This is due to the increased industrial work in those areas. However, by tracking the levels of health concerns, you can see the impact of this issue.

What Organization Monitors Air Quality? 

The EPA monitors outdoor air quality, but what about indoor air quality monitoring?

Organizations like Atlantic Environmental can assist you with tracking and assessing indoor air quality hazards, including asbestos, toxic chemicals, and fungus.

Guidelines that are based on research and other professional entities are used to test and sample the quality of the air, so you know the work is high-quality. In addition to this, Atlantic Environmental professionals will check HVAC systems and occupied spaces to ensure the general safety of the air. 

Let Atlantic Environmental Help Today

Air quality is a critical factor to pay attention to and monitor to protect the planet and keep people safe.

While outdoor air quality impacts the general population’s health, you also need to ensure the safety of the air inside your business for employees and patrons. Community air health is also crucial in helping people thrive, and air testing will encourage active change. 

At Atlantic Environmental, we know how crucial air quality monitoring is for all communities, businesses, and entities. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our services or getting a quote for air quality testing. 

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