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Business Environmental Regulatory Compliance Guide

Complete Guide to Business Environmental Regulatory Compliance Climate change is considered the biggest existential threat ever faced in human history. It affects every living person and every country. Therefore, efforts to mitigate catastrophe can’t be further delayed. In 2019, the Emissions Gap report found that to keep global temperatures from going up to more than 1.5 … Continue reading

How Can Businesses Reduce Pollution?

How Can a Business Reduce Pollution? Few people realize that every business contributes to air pollution and that at least 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial-based companies. Given that every business contributes to pollution somehow, how can businesses reduce pollution? You can start by changing the way business operations are run. There … Continue reading

Air Permitting & Emissions Reporting

Air Permitting: Air Permit Requirements. Air Emissions Permits and Regulations. Air Quality Emissions Reporting Services. Over 100 sources of air pollution can require an air permit. These include manufacturing plants, power plants, industrial boilers and incinerators, and landfills. Air permits come from the EPA or a state or local agency with authority to issue them. The … Continue reading

Safety Management Guide & Safety Principles

Complete Guide to Safety Management & Safety Principles in the Workplace Unfortunately, not all businesses realize that while they may put safety management protocols into place, at least 68% of employees don’t completely adhere to the safety rules implemented in their workplace. Also, around 58% of employees are completely unaware of the safety protocols their … Continue reading

School Asbestos Risk Assessment & Management

Schools Asbestos Risks and Proper Management In 1983, Iceland and several European Union (EU) countries banned asbestos. Since then, it’s been banned in over 50 countries. The US isn’t one of them, as school asbestos risks still prevail. It’s still present in buildings built before 1980, including schools. However, there are specific regulatory requirements that … Continue reading

7 Key Factors That Can Affect Company Valuation

What Factors Affect a Company Valuation?   Factors affecting company valuation include financial performance, growth potential, age, profitability, workplace safety and more. Company valuation is one of the most critical factors in investment analysis. It can be used to compare investments and make informed decisions. Many factors can affect a company’s valuation, including its financial … Continue reading