Industrial Ventilation

If you need Industrial Ventilation, Laboratory Ventilation and Air Contaminant Control services to control emissions from industrial sites and laboratories for the protection of the environment and workers discussed in this information page call us at 1-800-344-4414 or email us at for details and a free estimate.


Well designed industrial ventilation is the most effective method of controlling emissions from an industrial process or laboratory activity. The idea is to capture the contaminant before it ever gets into the workroom or lab’s air space. Whether the industrial process involves plating, welding, lab experiments, grinding, packaging, or blending, a local exhaust ventilation system is generally the most effective means of controlling emissions and protecting worker health.

In general, air contaminants include dusts, chemicals, gases, extreme temperatures, odor, or high or low humidity.  We have over 30 years of experience in industrial ventilation, developing and testing/sampling methods of controlling emissions and contaminants from industrial sites and laboratories.

Our industrial ventilation services include:

Industrial Ventilation Design

We design control industrial ventilation systems to include piping sizes, materials, fans, and filtration/control systems so that the plans can be given to a sheet metal contractor or HVAC company to fabricate and install.

New Ventilation System Review

industrial-ventilationPrior to installation, we review the system’s plans to determine if they will fulfill the air contaminant control needs of the operator.

Air Flow Measurements

Does the exhaust system or lab hood have the air flow necessary to capture the contaminant? We measure existing systems and recommend changes and improvements as needed.

Air Permits and Annual Reports

We determine if installation or operating emission permits are required and assist in their submission. Each state generally has its own air emission regulations and permit application process. We have worked with many state agencies to support our clients in permit applications and annual reports. More details on our air emissions permitting services are found here.

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Our primary service areas for Industrial Ventilation Design are: NJ, NY, NYC, PA, CT, DE, MA, RI, Wash DE, WI, MD, MI, IL, VA, IN, GA, AL, NC, SC, TN, TX, OK, DC, AR, we can service most other areas of the U.S. but with some added travel charges.