Industrial Hygiene Articles & Facts

Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Audits

Worker Exposure to Paints – Are They Hazardous?
Beryllium-OSHA Issues Final Rule to Lower Beryllium Worker Exposure Levels and Increase Worksite Compliance Requirements
Carbon Dioxide Hazards in Food Processing
Crystalline Silica: Sampling of Workers for Respirable Silica
Silica-OSHA Issues Final Rule for Exposure to Crystalline Silica
Occupational Workplace Safety and Health Services 2016
Worker Exposure to Beryllium Health Hazards
Sampling/Testing and Analysis for Beryllium
Beryllium Exposure to Workers – OSHA Proposes New Beryllium Standard
Common Solvents (Volatile Organic Compounds-VOC’s) and Their Health Hazards
Silica Exposures – OSHA Issues Hazard Alert for Workers Manufacturing and Installing Countertops
Stainless Steel Welders Exposed To Hexavalent Chromium – A Cancer Causing Substance
What is a Certified Industrial Hygienist? Do I Need One?
What Is Occupational Health?
Welding Fume Hazards – Testing/Sampling for Welding Fumes
Welding Fume Exposure Health Effects – Acute and Chronic
Hexavalent Chromium Increases Workers’ Risk of Cancer
Exposure and Dose Reconstruction for Chemicals: A Complex Activity
OSHA Targets Primary Metal Industries for Lead and PPE
Legionnaire’s Disease: More Dangerous for Some
Less Obvious Health Hazards in the Workplace
OSHA Gets Smart: Finally Provides Annotated Permissible Exposure Limits
New Crystalline Silica Dust Rule By OSHA
OSHA Issues Final Standard on Hexavalent Chromium
Is Paint Thinner Dangerous To My Health?
Health Hazards in Construction
9 Things Your Respiratory Protection Program Must Include

Noise Surveys

Noise Control By Engineering Methods
Noise Survey for OSHA Compliance
Noise Maps
I Need a Noise Dosimetry Survey
Noise and Hearing Loss
Noise, Sound, Decibels, Hearing
Reducing Noise Levels through Engineering Controls

More Information on Industrial Hygiene

Hexavalent Chromium (Hex Chrome) Control During Welding-Protecting Welders
Nanotechnology – What Is It? Are there Hazards?
Wood Dust – Carcinogen or Nuisance?
Diacetyl Likely the Cause of Lung Disease
Hazards of Isocyanates (TDI, MDI, HDI) In Resins, Coatings and Paints
Is Hexavalent Chromium (Hex Chrome; Chrome VI) Found in Welding Fumes A Carcinogen?
Silica Exposure to Workers in Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracking