IAQ and Mold Articles and Facts

Indoor Air Quality Experts

New Jersey (NJ) Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert
Indiana (IN) Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert
Wisconsin (WI) Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert
Texas (TX) Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert
Georgia (GA) Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert
Mold in My Office is Making Me Sick
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)! What’s That?
Indoor Air Quality in the Mid-Atlantic States
Allergies in the Office – 10 Common Allergens
Legionnaires’ Disease – Not Just Cooling Towers
Formaldehyde in Salons
Bird Droppings – A Strange but Real Hazard
Residential Meth Lab Dangers
Hurricane Damage – Not Just Mold, Bacteria Too
Indoor air quality in the northeast megalopolis/

Initial IAQ Surveys and In Depth Investigations

Fire and Smoke Residual Air Contaminants Testing
Black Soot, Diesel Exhaust and Indoor Air Quality
Black Streaks in my Office: Mold or What?
Poor Indoor Air Quality in my office
Everyone Is Sick-Is It the Office Air Quality?
I Think I Smell Sewer Gas – Home or Office – What Should I Do?
Legionnaire’s Disease and Pontiac Fever
What’s that Smell in my Office?

Mold Testing and Remediation

After the Flood – Mold Prevention and Mold Remediation Steps
A Moldy Summer and the Three H’s: Hot, Humid and Hurricanes 
Bacteria and Mold Hazards in Senior Citizens Housing
Controlling Mold Growth in Buildings: Prevention and Control Strategies
Hurricane Sandy: More Damage than the Obvious
Mold and Chronic Sinusitis
Mold Testing – Interpreting Air Sample Results
Mold! Hoax or Hazard?
Mold/Mildew in My Office – A Musty Smell Where I Work
Mycotoxins: Oh My!

Hospital and Healthcare Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality in Operating Rooms and Surgical Suites
Formaldehyde Exposure in the Workplace – How Do You Know If It’s Harming You?
Glutaraldehyde – Health Hazards in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Formaldehyde – Protecting Hospital Workers

More Information on Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Toxic Black Mold – The Deadly Myth
What is IAQ?
Mold Control – Article #1 – Control Water – Control Mold
Mold Control – Article #2 – Controlling Condensation- Controlling Mold
Mold Control – Article #3 – After the Flood – Preventing Mold
Mold Control – Article #4 – The Case of the Flooded Carpet – Aggressive Action to prevent Mold
Mold Control – Article #5 – Cleaning Mold Containing Surfaces
Mold! Mold! It’s Everywhere… So What?
Where Does Indoor Mold Come From?
If It Isn’t Mold, What Is It?
Mold Indoors – Is It Living or Dead?